Collection: Black Chest - 6W2EDC

Tough, stylish, indestructible

The outer shell on the 6W2EDC is made of an incredibly strong resin allowing for great impact absorption while remaining very structurally strong. Combine this with a strong hinge system and the patented PowerClaw system from Nanuk and you have one of the strongest cases on the market.

It doesn't matter if you're at home, out with friends, at a watch meet, or camping, if you want your watches and EDC to come with you, there is no better way than a Black Chest case.

The 6W2EDC is particularly good for active people with its EDC storage, it carries 6 watches and accessories, all your tools and knives and it keeps everything safe and protected.

Function over form

The inside of the case is made from 3 layers of high density foam which provide incredible impact protection while maintaining silky smooth softness that protects every surface of your watches and tools. The right side top layer of the case allows you to store other items like knives, tools, straps, bracelets, links and spring bars in a safe environment, completely separate from your precious watches. The bottom right layer has larger pockets for tools and screw drivers, enough to complete your EDC storage solution!

Get creative with your internal arrangement and carry even more stuff, the flexibility is there and the inserts allow you to do that.

You can even use your BlackChest case as your overallcollection hub, everything and anything you need for your watches inside one stylish case, at home, in the safe or on the go.

Going extreme? No problem!

It's about time you took your watches with you in your adventures without worrying about their safety.

All our cases are MIL Spec, waterproof IP67, dust proof, shock proof... you get the point, they are life proof! No more babying your case, it's now time to go out and enjoy your watches!

Our cases also float, so if they fall in the water, you can be sure you will find it floating around :)

The 6W2EDC is nearly indestructible and can be taken anywhere with you, it can even be stored in unpressurised environment thanks to its pressure equalising valve. A case to rule them all!